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Vegan Recipes

Vegan food and vegan recipes are our passion.

Our mouths were watering just putting these recipes together. We just know you’ll love them too!

More than 150 had-picked vegan recipes

We put together more than 150 great recipes for you and, of course, tried them out ourselves. Only the most delicious of these make it into our collection of the best recipes of vegan treats, which we are constantly updating.

With simple step-by-step guides, we show you how to prepare your soon-to-be favourite completely meat-free dishes like vegan appetizers, soups, main meals, snacks, and desserts – quickly and easily. You don't have to be a vegan chef. Even as a beginner, you can now conjure up a vegan dish or meal for yourself, your family, and your friends. And that from purely vegan ingredients because our recipe ideas are perfect for beginners too.
Not straightforward enough? We will take you directly to the vegan ingredients you need for cooking, baking, frying, or grilling. And with just a few clicks you can add them to your shopping cart at for a reasonable price.

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Vegan recipes for cakes & bakes

How about sweet little chocolate muffin bears your children will love at Christmas and all year round? Or a delicious vegan apple pie with marzipan notes for your coffee catch-up with friends from our Cakes & Bakes recipe category? Conjure up a real showstopper every birthday with our recipe for vegan Herrentorte Gentlemen’s Tart with delicious marzipan wine cream.

Vegan recipes for pizza & pasta

Fans of Italian cuisine will find culinary delights such as mini vegetable calzone with a healthy vegetable filling and vegan glaze in the Pizza & Pasta recipe category. And you have to try our recipe for summery vegan lemon pesto – it goes perfectly with spaghetti and is very easy to prepare. Bring a touch of Naples to your kitchen by oven-baking our Veggie Tuna Pizza to crispy perfection. And why not enjoy a glass of Italian wine & Mediterranean music on the evening sun terrace. Oh, life can be so delicious...

Vegan barbeque recipes

And, while you're on the terrace, why not heat up the charcoal or gas barbeque and spoil yourself and your loved ones with some meat-free barbeque specialties. How about vegan barbeque recipes like juicy BBQ skewers with a delicious and colourful vegetable/rice salad? Or how about barbeque medallions & two-potato salad?

With taste fireworks like these, you are sure to inspire non-vegans, meat lovers and so-called stereotypical males with the vegan diet. Barbequing without meat or with meat substitutes is certainly something unusual for some meat eaters. However, vegan cuisine offers many tasty and healthy alternatives to beef fillet, pork steak, chicken breast or “normal” bratwurst.

Vegan recipes for main meals

You can now find lots of vegan recipes in our vegan main meal section. There is something for all ages, every taste, and every occasion..

Start your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Here we recommend our recipe for bircher muesli, enjoyed by many as a main meal, too. It goes without saying that this is a vegan muesli – our muesli recipe uses vegan yogurt alternatives and purely plant-based cream so you don't have to miss out!

For rich variety at lunch and dinner, you will find an abundance of skillet, pan and oven recipes for wholesome vegan mains to keep your diet varied and exciting.

One of our favourite dishes is our juicy breaded celeriac cordon bleu with Mediterranean mashed potatoes. To create it, first cook the celeriac and then add a smoked vegan slice, some vegan cheese alternative and basil leaves to a pocket of celery. Then bread with a mixture of wheat flour, soy or oat drink and spelt breadcrumbs and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Simply to die for!

But if you do one thing, try our vegan main recipes like vegan pulled chicken burger with diner sauce, delicious vish (vegan fish) patties with grilled vegetables, hearty vegan horseradish roulades, fiery Mexican quiche, vegan soy minced patties or gluten-free Caesar pasta salad.

Vegan recipes for desserts

And, the crowning glory, what meal would be complete without dessert? We have put together some melt-in-the-mouth vegan dessert recipes for you. For Easter, our recipe for vegan apricot egg pops – chocolate eggs filled with apricots and figs. For summer, our delicious dessert quark-mousse sweets with strawberry & lemon. And for your next party or New Year's Eve? Prosecco cake pops. Then, when the days get shorter in autumn and winter, a delicious dessert taken from Scottish cuisine: raspberry cranachan with whisky and Christmas spices.

And if all that isn’t enough, you will of course find an extensive range of vegan cookbooks, vegan baking books and specialist vegan books in our Literature section.