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Vegan “BBQ Chicken” Burger by Benedikt Faust


For the “fake” kimchi

100 g Chinese cabbage and 2 nice leaves for the burger
20 g daikon radish
20 g carrots
0.5 pc clove of garlic
10 g sushi ginger
1 pc shallot
Some chili flakes as desired
Some paprika powder
Some salt and pepper

For the green asparagus

1 Bar(s) green asparagus
1 tb olive oil
Some salt and pepper

For the vegan chicken style chunks:

For the mayonnaise

50 ml unsweetened soy drink, at room temperature
110 ml rapeseed oil
0.5 ts lemon juice or white wine vinegar
1 ts salt
1 Pinch(es) sugar


1 pc burger bun
Some potato chips or other chips if desired


For the “fake” kimchi

1. Slice the Chinese cabbage, daikon radish, carrots and shallots into narrow strips, and mix with the minced garlic clove and all other ingredients. Leave to marinate for at least one hour.

For the green asparagus

1. Chop the end off the asparagus spear. Slice the entire asparagus spear (including tip) into approx. 1cm-thick slices, and sear in olive oil in a pan for approx. 2 minutes. Then transfer to a different container, and season.

For the vegan chicken style chunks

1. Sear the chunks in a little sunflower oil in a pan until nice and crispy.

For the mayonnaise

1. Put the soy drink, mustard and lemon juice into a high-edged container, and blitz using a hand blender. Then add the oil slowly – a few drops at a time – while leaving the hand blender running. Carry on blitzing until you have a nice, creamy mixture. Blitz until everything is emulsified and creamy. Finally, season to taste.

For your “Wow” burger

1. Brush the lower half of the burger bun with BBQ sauce. Place a large slice of Chinese cabbage between the two halves of the burger bun, and fill it with the chunks, the asparagus pieces and the “fake” kimchi. Add some splodges of mayonnaise to taste. Serve with a few potato chips if desired. Benedikt Faust hopes you enjoy his vegan BBQ chicken burger!

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