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You'd like to have the right products ready for every occasion? As a pre-packed shopping cart? You'd like to be inspired by what you can cook depending on the season, festivity or preference for the flavors of the world? And all served "bite-sized" on a silver platter, so to speak? That's why we have our campaign weeks: You'll find the best items for your kitchen happening, grouped by theme. Whether it's pizza or pasta week, Mother's Day, Easter or barbecue season and regardless of whether you're more interested in Indian cuisine or Sicilian delights: you'll find what you're looking for here! Browse right now and store in comfort!

Be inspired and find vegan products to suit every occasion. 

Our online store offers you lots of vegan food - and new treats are added all the time. If you don't yet know exactly which products are right for you or what exactly you're looking for, then take a look at our weekly promotions. 
In each weekly promotion, we present a selection of products that are particularly suitable for a specific occasion or theme. Are you planning a barbecue or a picnic, for example? Are you looking for snacks for a cozy movie night or vegan baking ingredients and recipes? Maybe you're visiting Velivery for the first time and want to find out more about vegan food? 
Our weekly promotions offer you a themed overview of our vegan food range with a selection of products, matching recipes and plenty of inspiration. This will help you find your way around more quickly and give you a good idea of what we can offer you in terms of delicious vegan products. This makes it much easier to discover new favorite products and create a shopping list to suit your wishes and individual diet. 

A plant-based diet: so much more than fruit and vegetables! 

The vegan diet has so much more to offer than fruit, vegetables, salad and tofu. One look at our range is enough to realize that there are now a growing number of plant-based foods and vegan alternatives to products made from meat, fish, etc. This makes it increasingly easy and convenient to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. We are constantly expanding our range with delicious new and innovative vegan foods. Whether made from pulses, nuts, grains or other plant-based ingredients - at you have a wide choice. Our store is organized by category like a conventional supermarket. However, if you are looking for products for a special occasion or want to be inspired, our weekly promotions are ideal for you. In addition to a topic-specific selection of plant-based products, you can also find suitable recipes for vegan dishes that you can cook for the respective occasion.