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Vantastic Foods Vegan Vantastic Roast Deluxe, 1kg
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GREENFORCE Vegan Leberkäse, 160g
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(€21.88 / 1 kg)
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GREENFORCE Vegan Marinated Medallions Herbs, 180g
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(€19.95 / 1 kg)
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GREENFORCE Vegan Cevapcici, 180g
€3.49* €3.14*
(€17.45 / 1 kg)
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Green Legend Vegan Meatballs, 180g
€2.99* €2.09*
(€11.63 / 1 kg)
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The Green Mountain Vegan Plant-based Curry Chunks, 180g
€3.99* €2.79*
(€15.52 / 1 kg)
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Plant-Based Meat Alternatives at – Enjoyment Without Compromises

Are you looking to make your diet more environmentally friendly and cruelty-free? offers a wide range of meat alternative products, many based on pea protein, soy protein, or wheat protein, pleasing your palate while reducing your ecological footprint. Explore the variety and quality of our plant-based alternatives!

What are vegan meat alternatives?

Our vegan meat alternatives, including products like soy meat and smoked tofu, are made from high-quality plant ingredients, offering a protein-rich alternative to traditional meat products. They are ideal for vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians, or meat lovers looking to reduce their meat consumption.

Taste and texture that inspire

Our vegan meat alternatives, including low-fat and marinated natural tofu, impress with their delicious flavor and pleasant texture. They are an excellent addition to any meal, providing a variety of preparation options.

Nutritional values that convince

Our products are not only delicious but also nutrient- and protein-rich. They contain essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals that support a balanced diet and serve as an excellent source of protein.

Environmentally friendly and responsible

By purchasing our meat alternative products, you contribute significantly to environmental and animal protection. Our products are sustainable, ethically justifiable, and offer a meatless alternative.

Easy and versatile preparation

Wondering how to best prepare our alternative products? We provide tasty recipes and preparation tips that will enrich your kitchen routine with our versatile soy products and other meat alternatives.

A variety of renowned brands is proud to offer products from top brands such as Alberts, Beyond Meat, Biovegan, Bunte Burger, Green Legend, GREENFORCE, Hobelz Veggie World, Kofu, L'Herbivore, LikeMeat, Lord of Tofu, Planty of Meat, Rügenwalder Mühle, SOTO, Soyana, SunflowerFamily, Taifun, tempehmanufaktur, The Green Mountain, The Vegetarian Butcher, Vantastic foods, Veganz, Veggyness, Vegini, Viana, VITAM, Viva Maris, Vivera, and Wheaty. Explore the wide selection and find your favorites.

Easy to find and purchase

Find our vegan meat alternatives in our online shop. With just a few clicks, you can select your favorite products, order them at an affordable price, and have them conveniently delivered to your home.

A world full of diversity

Discover our diverse subcategories in the area of vegan meat alternatives:

  • Vegan Burgers: Perfect for grill evenings or quick meals.
  • Ground Meat Alternatives: Ideal for Bolognese, lasagna, and more.
  • Meatball Alternatives: Delicious in sauces or as finger food.
  • Schnitzel and Steak Alternatives: For classic enjoyment.
  • Grill Meat Alternatives: Ideal for the BBQ season.
  • Pan Meat and Sliced Alternatives: Versatile in many dishes.
  • Vegan Stews: For hearty enjoyment.
  • Vegan Liver Cheese: A reinterpretation of a Bavarian classic.
  • Texturates and Dried Meat Alternatives: Experimental and innovative.
  • Tofu, Tempeh & Seitan: The classics among meat alternatives.