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Pural Maize Chips Chilli, Organic, 125g
€2.19* €1.75*
(€14.02 / 1 kg)
Cheapest price/30 days: €1.75 *
Pural Maize Chips Paprika, Organic, 125g
(€17.52 / 1 kg)
Eat Real Crisps Quinoa Sour Cream & Chives, 80g
(€34.88 / 1 kg)
Mister Free'd Tortilla Chips Kale & Spinach, 135g
(€22.15 / 1 kg)
Eat Real Crisps Lentil Chilli & Lemon, 113g
(€24.69 / 1 kg)
Mister Free'd Tortilla Chips Chia, 135g
(€22.15 / 1 kg)

Savory Vegan Snacks: Your Flavorful Experience for Every Occasion

Variety of Savory Vegan Snacks

Browse through a selection of savory vegan snacks at! From protein-rich nuts and seeds to creative snack variations like vegetable sticks and potato chips, we offer everything a snack enthusiast desires. Perfect for satisfying small cravings or as companions for a relaxed TV evening.

Crunchy Delight: Potato Chips and More

Our range of potato chips, savory pretzels, and roasted nuts is not only diverse in flavor but also nutrient-rich. Perfect for game nights or as nibbles for in-between. Rediscover the world of snacks with our savory and crispy delights.

Hearty and Healthy: Chips, Crackers, and Pretzels

Our selection of vegan chips, crackers, and pretzels has something for every taste. These snacks are perfect for party treats or as a crispy accompaniment to a cozy movie night. Explore our variety of flavors, from classic to exotic.

Exotic Snacks: Vegetable Sticks and More

In addition to dried fruits, we offer a selection of vegetable sticks and other healthy alternatives. These snacks are ideal for dipping and provide a delicious way to eat healthily while indulging your taste buds.

Order Online: Quick and Convenient to Your Door makes it easy for you to find and order your favorite snacks. Whether for the next movie night, a cozy TV evening, or the upcoming party – our range of savory vegan snacks caters to every occasion. Simply choose online and have them delivered to your doorstep!

Conclusion: Flavor Variety and Snacking Fun

Our range of savory vegan snacks offers endless snacking fun. From crispy potato chips to protein-rich nuts, from spicy pretzels to creative nibbles in fun shapes – at, you'll find everything for your perfect snack moment. Enjoy the diversity and taste of our vegan delights.