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Vantastic Foods Vegan Vantastic Roast Deluxe, 1kg
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L'Herbivore Festive Seitan With Apple-nut Filling, Organic,...

Your Guide to Vegan Braised Dishes: Goulash, Roasts, and More

Are you looking for delicious vegan alternatives to classic braised dishes like goulash, Christmas roast, and holiday roast? Then you've come to the right place at Velivery! In our range, you'll find a variety of vegan products from brands such as Lord of Tofu, Vantastic Foods, Wheaty, Soyana, or L’Herbivore, which will enrich your kitchen and delight your palate.

Meatless Alternatives for Your Braised Dishes

At Velivery, we offer you a wide range of plant-based meat alternatives, perfect for vegan braised dishes. From seitan to jackfruit to soy cubes - discover products from top brands that will turn your vegan goulash or roast creations into a culinary delight. For a perfect crust on your vegan roast, we recommend products with ingredients like pea protein and beechwood smoke.

Cooking Techniques and Recipes for Vegan Braised Dishes

Cooking time and preparation time play a big role in vegan cuisine. We'll show you how to create hearty braised dishes with the right techniques and recipes using our vegan meat alternatives. Learn how to add ingredients like garlic cloves, bay leaves, and tamari to give your dish depth of flavor.

Perfecting Taste and Texture

To achieve the typical taste and texture of braised dishes, we offer you a selection of spices and marinades. Learn how to intensify the savory character of your vegan braised dishes with products like sweet paprika powder, caramel powder, and tamari. Tasting and stirring during simmering are crucial for the perfect result.

Nutritional Values and Health

At Velivery, we place great importance on our vegan products being not only delicious but also nutritious. Learn more about the protein, vitamins, and minerals in our vegan meat alternatives like soy cubes and how they support your health.

Vegan Sauces and Side Dishes

A braised dish is only as good as its side dish. Discover our selection of vegan sauces such as tamari and gravy, as well as side dishes like dumplings, which complement and round off your vegan braised dishes perfectly.

Regional and Seasonal Ingredients

We prioritize sustainability and therefore offer you products that use regional and seasonal ingredients. Learn how to incorporate ingredients like red cabbage and chopped herbs into your vegan braised dishes. Remember to drain excess water before adding them to the dish.

Make your vegan braised dish experience unforgettable with Velivery. Whether you're a fan of vegan goulash, vegan roast, or other braised dishes - we have everything you need for the perfect plant-based meal. Find your favorite products now, have them delivered to your home easily and quickly, and bring new taste experiences to your vegan kitchen!