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International vegan street and finger food

As exciting, varied and exotic as a vegan trip around the world. Vantastic brings the vegan street food & finger food highlights from the most exciting culinary corners of the world direct to your lunch box – whether it’s a snack, meal or a handy standby to fit in with your specific schedule.

Open to new things

Every culture has its own culinary treasures. Vantastic assembles the most fantastic international vegan snacks under one roof so you can eat a diverse and à la mode diet that fits in with your lifestyle. The idea behind it is to learn from and live with one another in the spirit of conscious, responsible nutrition. And it tastes truly Vantastic – even if we do say so ourselves.

Diverse and vibrant

Vantastic’s range is so diverse and vibrant that you won't even know where to begin. Why not start with the vegan American Pancakes or Swedish cinnamon bun for breakfast? Perhaps the Indian Cauliflower Tikka, Thai Sticky Rice Balls with Mango or Spanish Empanada for lunch? And maybe some wonderful Samosas, Chickpea Fries, Japanese Fish Cakes or US Buffalo Chicken-Style Wings for a snack in between times. Then why not sweeten things up with Portuguese Pastéis de Nata or Cheesecake Balls. Vantastic caters to every taste, whatever the scenario. We like to think that vegan treats have never been as innovative or diverse

Welcome to the world!

Vantastic draws inspiration from the world’s masters in each respective field: traditional, naturally vegan recipes from India, hearty vegan dough dishes and pasta from the Mediterranean, international meat and fish alternatives and sweet bakery specialities from across the world. This sees the new brand combine its hopes and aspirations not just to cater to quality, environmentally friendly vegan nutrition but to create the underlying conditions for it too. We are doing our bit!