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Oriental Chickpea Stew with Herbs Seitan


100 g chickpeas, cooked
1 ts salt
1 pc garlic clove
1 tb chopped herbs, fresh
1 tb olive oil
1 ts 7-spices oriental spice
2 tb oil for frying
250 g spinach


1. Puree chickpeas, yeast flakes, salt, garlic, seasoning sauce, olive oil, and spice with 200 ml water. Then add the liquid and herbs to the seitan and knead well for about 10 min and let rest for half an hour. Keep flattening the dough and folding it inwards. Finally, divide into two parts and form into a ball. Steam the two balls in a pot with a steamer attachment for about 45 min at medium heat. Then let cool and pluck into small pieces. Heat the two jars of stew in a pot, blanch the spinach and fry the seitan briefly in the oil and serve everything together.

Tip: Seitan is a very variable product, which you can excellently influence by adding spices and herbs. For example, try a Mediterranean version with the appropriate spices and herbs.

The seitan can be steamed as well as cooked. To do this, simply make 1-1.5l vegetable stock and cook the seitan in it for about 20-30 min.

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