Vegan chocolate cake with chocolate sweets


For the cake:

1x Biovegan “My chocolate cake baking mix

300ml soy drink

100g margarine


For the vegan buttercream:

200g coconut-based alternative to condensed milk

150g margarine

3 tsp cocoa (sieved)

1 pinch salt


For the decoration:

Vantastic Foods Schakalode Monsters


For the cake:

1. Prepare the baking mix according to the packaging instructions in a round springform cake tin, and leave the cake to cool fully after baking.

2. Slice the cake in half so you have two cakes.


For the vegan buttercream:

1. Whisk the soft margarine with salt until fluffy.

2. While still whisking, gradually add the condensed coconut milk. Finally, sieve the cocoa into the mixture and mix everything again thoroughly.

3. Now, spread the vegan buttercream out evenly over one of the cake halves, and place the second half on top.

4. Spread vegan buttercream over the top half of the cake, too, and decorate it with the chocolate sweets (Schakalode Monsters).

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