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Colorful vegan monsters cake


For the short pastry

250 g wheat flour
1 ts baking powder
280 g brown sugar
1 Pack(s) vanilla sugar

For the vegan cream

500 g almond flour
500 g vegan yogurt replacement
1 Pack(s) lemon zest
2 Pack(s) vanilla sugar
200 ml almond drink
80 g cornstarch
130 g coconut oil

For the icing and decoration

150 g powdered sugar
1 pc lemon, juice freshly pressed


round baking pan (Ø 24 cm)
baking parchment


1. Preheat the oven to 180° C / 350° F. Start with the short pastry: Mix the flour with baking powder, sugar, and 1 packet of vanilla sugar then add the und der margarine and knead until smooth.
2. Line the baking pan (Ø 24 cm) with baking paper and line the pan with the pastry. Press the pastry up the sides until a rim of 7 cm is achieved. Prick it several times with a fork. Now you can set aside the baking pan and focus on the vegan cream: In a bowl, mix the almond flour with the vegan yogurt replacement, lemon zest, and 2 packets of vanilla sugar until smooth. Blend the almond drink with cornstarch in a separate bowl and add the mixture to the vegan cream.
3. Heat up the coconut oil, until it is liquid and add to the mixture.
4. Now that the cream is ready you can pour it onto the prepped pastry and put it into the preheated oven for 70 minutes. Do not let it out of your sight for too long as and cover it with aluminum foil in case it gets too dark. The aluminum foil prevents the top from burning.
5. Let the cake cool down well before you take it out of the baking pan and decorating it.
6. Now it is time for decoration: Add the powdered sugar to a small bowl and gradually stir in the lemon juice until you get a thick icing. Spread the icing evenly onto the cake and decorate it as desired with the vegan Monsters chocolate confectionery or different vegan sugar-coated chocolate confectionery.

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