1 Celeriac
Vegan sliced smoked
Vegan alternative to sliced cheese
Some basil leaves
Black pepper
Paprika powder, sweet
3 heaped tbsp Wheat flour
300 ml Soy or oat drink
1 Plate of wheat flour
1 Plate of spelt-breadcrumbs
Some plant oil, for frying

Mediterranean mashed potatoes:

700-800 g Potatoes, mealy
200 g Artichoke hearts in oil (from the jar)
150 g Dried tomatoes in oil (from the jar)
70 g Black olives, pitted
Bunch of parsley, freshly chopped

Cucumber salad with horseradish-dressing:

2 Cucumbers
1 heaped tsp Horseradish, spicy
1 tsp Mustard
2 tbsp Apple vinegar
Juice of ½ orange, freshly pressed
Herbs, freshly chopped (e.g. chives)
Black pepper, freshly ground


    1. Peel cucumbers and cut with the peeler in fine long stripes. Put the cucumber stripes in a bowl and salt it generously, then brew it for 10 min. Put the cucumbers through a sieve and decant the liquid detracted by the salt, flush the cucumbers thoroughly with cold water and press it out between your palms. For the dressing whisk horseradish, mustard and apple vinegar. Intermix freshly pressed orange juice as well as chopped herbs and taste it with pepper. Mix the dressing in the cucumbers and steep the salad in the refrigerator.

    2. Peel potatoes thoroughly and cut in big cubes, cook in sufficient salt water and decant. Meanwhile prepare the Mediterranean tapenade: therefor shred the artichoke hearts with the oil from the jar, dried tomatoes with some oil as well as black olives in the mixer. Work the cooked potatoes with the masher and mix in tapenade as well as freshly chopped parsley.

    3. Peel celeriac thoroughly and cut in ca. 1,5 cm thick slices. Cook the celery slices in salt water for 8-10 min., decant and let it cool. Halve the slices (don’t cut through completely), but let a piece at the end together, so that the breading later is easier. Fill a slice of vegan Slice vom Rauch, a slice of vegan alternative to cheese as well as some basil leaves in the celery-bag. Pepper the celery before breading and season with some sweet paprika powder.

    4. For the breading whisk 3 heaped tbsp of wheat flour with soy or oat drink until its free from lumps and provide it in a bowl. Fill a deep plate with wheat flour as well as another one with spelt-breadcrumbs. Now turn the filled celery-schnitzel carefully by both sides in the flour, then dip completely for a short time in the liquid breading and drain it. Then turn the cordon bleu in the breadcrumbs. Heat sufficient plant oil in a pan and roast the cordon bleu by both sides golden brown.


Portion: 4 people

Recipe: Sophie Mathisz / Photograph: Marcus Maly

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