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Green Gooodness

What We Do For Sustainability

Our desire for more sustainability goes far beyond the plate. 
We want to use all means available to us to highlight and accelerate the positive effects of reduced meat consumption and an increasingly vegan diet on the environment, instead of reversing these with mindless economic activity. 
As such, we are always mindful of acting sustainably on all levels and therefore always looking for the best solutions and those most suitable for us. Find out on this page what we can do now to make your shopping experience at as sustainable as possible.

Sustainable Workplace

Back in planning stages of our current company HQ and logistics centre in Nabburg, one thing was clear: we were investing in sustainability and vision. That is why AVE’s company headquarters are heated with environmentally friendly geothermal energy. In addition, in the warmer seasons, we use a special ventilation system instead of air conditioning systems – a breath of fresh air for our long-term climate protection plans. 
Bringing light to the dark: we have been using exclusively green electricity from electricity supplier Lichtblick since 2015. This, incidentally, is sourced exclusively from green energy sources, saving and avoiding roughly 88.18 (on the website it is 104 tonnes) tonnes of attributable Co2 emissions in the process.

Sustainable Products 

Because we attach great significance to sustainability when it comes to selecting our products, we prefer to work with partners who share our ideals. As such, where possible, we primarily promote regional suppliers, producers and products with the same philosophy, and those know what it means to pull together.
Many of the products on are not only vegan but are produced with ingredients from controlled organic cultivation – the main reason why many of our items also feature a Fairtrade certificate.

Sustainable Use Of Food And Packaging

Not only is the sparing and responsible use of resources a matter close to our hearts, but it also sharpens our wits against the throwaway culture that persists worldwide. For that reason we see to it that as little as possible is squandered or simply thrown away. And even at the risk of the odd one of our products selling out slightly faster, we endeavour to never have large quantities of unnecessary goods in stock. 
If the sell-by date is approaching, then we offer these products at a significant reduction in our sale area. Any leftover goods are offered to our employees as free goodies, while remaining stocks are donated to a diverse range of organisations. 
We use only recyclable and reusable materials when shipping our goods too. And with innovative products from Easy2Cool we have even found an insulating and environmentally friendly solution for sending refrigerated goods. You can find out more about this on the manufacturer’s website: