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Pizza Patata with Broccoli Pesto


For the pizza dough

0.5 Cube(s) fresh yeast
0.5 ts sugar
2 tb soy drink, hand-hot
250 g wheat flour
0.25 ts salt
1 tb oil
120 ml water, hand-hot

For the covering

2 pc medium potatoes, waxy
Some black pepper, freshly ground
3 Sprig(s) rosemary

For the broccoli pesto

0.5 pc broccoli, fresh
50 g sunflower seeds
4 tb walnut oil
1 Clove(s) garlic
1 pc lime, freshly grated rind
Some salt
Some black pepper, freshly ground


1. Crumble fresh yeast into a bowl and stir until smooth with sugar and hand-hot soy drink. Cover bowl with a clean cloth and allow yeast to rise in a warm place for about 20 minutes.
2. Cook potatoes in salt water until pre well done, let cool in cold water and peel.
3. Put the flour into a mixing bowl, mix with salt. Add oil and yeast and mix. Add hand-hot water and knead for a few minutes with an electric mixer until a smooth dough is formed. (Admit as much water that the dough loosens during kneading, but does not stick to hands). Cover bowl with a kitchen towel and let dough rise for one hour in a warm place.
4. Clean broccoli and cut florets into small pieces. Give sunflower seeds, broccoli florets, walnut oil, coarsely chopped garlic and agave nectar in a blender and puree to a fine pesto. Wash the lime and stir grated shell thoroughly into the pesto, season with salt and freshly ground pepper.
5. Divide dough into two equal pieces and roll out on a floured work surface. Form the dough in boat shape and fold the crust a little thicker.
6. Spread vegan sour cream alternative on the boats. Give broccoli pesto in small blobs on the sour cream. Cut peeled potatoes into thin slices and spread evenly on the boats. Crumble vegan alternative to mozzarella into small pieces or cut into slices and spread evenly on the surface, pepper to taste. Sprinkle rosemary over the boats and bake in a preheated oven at 200 °C until crispy (about 20-30 minutes).

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