Red cabbage by Ricky Saward

A recipe from the Michelin-starred chef for you to try out at home, serves 10




For the red cabbage:

1 red cabbage (2kg)

300g beetroots

100g beet sugar

100ml red wine

100ml red wine vinegar

100ml cherry juice



For the jus:

8 onions

300g carrots

300g celeriac

300g leeks

200ml red wine

2 tbsp vegetable stock

50g raisins




Red cabbage

Remove the outer leaves of the red cabbage, and cut out shapes for the top and base using a cookie cutter. Then cook the red cabbage whole at 390 °F/200 °C for around 3-6 hours until it’s soft in the middle (depending on size). Leave to cool and removed the outer, charred leaves. Then cut out sections of the cabbage using a cookie cutter, or cut into rectangular blocks (thickness ac-cording to taste). Brush the discs or blocks with the beetroot reduction. Blanche the top and base shapes from the beginning in salted water, and then place them on top of and below the red cab-bage discs or blocks. Beetroot reduction Caramelize the beet sugar, and pour in the red wine and red wine vinegar. Allow to boil for ap-prox. 10 minutes. Add the cherry juice and the peeled beetroot (dry the peel separately in the oven to make beetroot powder, if required), and allow to boil. Leave to boil until the beetroots are soft. Season to taste, blitz and then brush generously onto the red cabbage.


Sear the onions in oil until golden yellow, then add the red wine. Boil down a little, and top up with stock. Meanwhile, chop the rest of the vegetables finely, roast them in the oven at 355 °C / 180 °C for as long as you deem necessary according to your taste, and then add to the starting mixture. Leave to boil for as long as possible, and keep adding liquid. After a couple of hours, strain the sauce through a fine sieve, and reduce until you have the desired strength and con-sistency. Season to taste, and add the raisins.

Plating up like in a Michelin-starred kitchen

Caramelize the red cabbage blocks in the oven at 355 °C/180 °C for 8 minutes. Arrange them on the plate. Garnish with beetroot powder and wild herbs from the garden, such as wood sorrel. Pour the jus onto your guests’ plates once they’ve sat down to eat.

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