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Stuffed Cabbage Leaves by Ricky Saward


1 pc white cabbage
2 pc pointed cabbages
400 g brussels sprouts
200 g sauerkraut
20 g horseradish
30 Leave(s) wood sorrel leaves
Some rapeseed oil
Some salt


White cabbage chips

1. Remove the leaves from the white cabbage. Cut the stem out of each leaf. Drizzle the leaves with oil and sprinkle them with salt. Spread out between two layers of baking pa-per, and weigh them down by placing a baking tray on top. Leave to stand at room tem-perature for around six hours. Then dry the infused leaves in the oven overnight, at 130 °F/55 °C.

Stuffed pointed cabbage rolls

1. Cook the pointed cabbage in the oven for 50 minutes, at 430 °F/220 °C fan. Leave to cool. Then remove the blackened outer leaves. Carefully remove the inner leaves. Spread the Brussels sprout puree and strained sauerkraut generously over the individual leaves, and roll them up. It’s easiest to do this with the help of a sushi mat.

Brussels sprout puree

1. Remove the outer leaves and the stem from the Brussels sprouts. Blanche the Brussels sprouts in boiling water until soft, and then plunge into icy cold water. Drain thoroughly and start to sweat them in a colorless oil. Top up with stock, and bring to the boil. Blitz everything until you have a fine puree. Season to taste with salt.

Sauerkraut broth

1. Press the liquid out of the sauerkraut, and retain it. Boil the liquid until it thickens. Season to taste if necessary.

Plating up like a Michelin-starred chef

1. Place the pointed cabbage roll on the plate so it stands up vertically. Place a little sauer-kraut on the top of the roll. Drizzle with the sauerkraut broth. Grate horseradish over the rolls. Arrange the white cabbage chips so that they’re leaning against the sides of the roll. Salt to taste. Decorate with wood sorrel leaves, and serve. That’s how Michelin-starred chef Ricky Saward serves the dish in his gourmet restaurant, Seven Swans, in Frankfurt.

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