White Poppy Seed Mousse

Ingredients (Servings: 6 six):

600ml vegan alternative to whipped cream
2 packs cream stiffener
200g vegan alternative to white chocolate
80g Alsan margarine
optional: 4-5 Tbsp orange liqueur
2 tablespoons poppy seeds ground


  1. Add the whipping cream in a high bowl and whip for one minute at medium speed with an electric mixer. Add cream stiffener and whip for another minute.

  2. Melt the vegan alternative to white chocolate in a double water boiler.

  3. Add flakes of cold Alsan margarine to the melted chocolate and let it melt while whisking, until a uniform mixture is achieved. Optional: Add a little orange liqueur.

  4. Let white chocolate cool slightly, and gradually pour it into the vegan whipped cream. Mix slowly and thoroughly with a wooden spoon. Add poppy seed ground last.

  5. Fill into small dessert glasses or let it rest in the bowl. Leave in the fridge to cool for a minimum of 5-6 hours (small dumplings can be cut out with a tablespoon).

Our tip for your: The white poppy mousse tastes fantastic served with a fruity sauce. For example, with the Biovegan strawberry dessert sauce!

A recipe by Sophie Mathisz

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