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Herrentorte with marzipan-wine-spread


For the sponge cake

375 g wheat flour
5 tb maize flour or soy flour
1.5 Pack(s) baking powder
15 g natron
270 g sugar
1 Pinch(es) salt
1 pc lemon, peel scoring

For the wine cream

2 Pack(s) pudding powder vanilla
70 g sugar
600 ml vegan white wine, semidry
2 tb lemon juice, freshly pressed
200 g marzipan raw mixture
1 tb powdered sugar
1 tb apricot jam
6 tb brandy


baking paper
300 g Icing, dark
1 Pack(s) marzipan cover
Some apricot jam, for painting
Some almond biscuits


1. First prepare the dough for the sponge cake base: Mix wheat flour with maize meal, baking powder, natron, sugar and a pinch of salt in a big mixing bowl. Then add sunflower oil and almond drink, stir it at first roughly and then stir it with the hand mixer into a homogeneous sponge cake dough. At last mix a freshly ground lemon zest in the dough.
2. Lay out the base in a spring form with baking paper and put on rim, close the spring form. Weigh the sponge cake dough (subtract the weight of the bowl!) and divide the weight by 5 – now put each time one-fifth of the dough in the prepared spring form and spread equally by moving the form. Successively bake out of the dough 5 thin sponge cakes in the pre-heated oven at 180°C (ca. 10-14 min.). Take the sponge cakes after baking with the baking paper out of the spring form and let it chill down. Wash the form every time before baking and cover it again with baking paper.
3. For the cream mix 2 sachets vanilla pudding powder and sugar in a small bowl, stir it with 7 tbsp of white wine until it's free from lumps. Intermix another 50ml of wine. Bring the remaining white wine with 2 tbsp of freshly pressed lemon juice in a pot to a boil, regulate the herd at middle heat and add the pudding powder-mixture, then cook it, while equally stirring, to a tough-solid pudding. Add marzipan raw mixture in small pieces (or best grated) and let it fuse in while stirring. Let the base spread chill down while occasionally stirring. Melt vegan white chocolate in a water bath and mix in the spread. Taste the wine spread with apricot jam, powdered sugar and 6-8 tbsp of brandy and let it chill down completely in the refrigerator.
4. Now prepare the Herrentorte: Lay a sponge cake base on a tray or the like, remove the baking paper carefully from the bottom. Weigh the marzipan-wine-spread (subtract the weight from the bowl!) and divide it by 4, spread a quarter of the cream on the sponge cake base. Remove the baking paper from the second sponge cake base and lay it custom-fit on the torte. Repeat these steps until all bases and the spread are completely used up. Remove the last and highest sponge cake base, before applying it, from the baking paper and apply it with the solid, pretty side up. Fix the torte with a cake ring and put it in the refrigerator for some hours, so that it can get solid.
5. For the decoration remove the cake ring and paint the torte with some apricot jam (thin). Remove the marzipan cover from the foil and lay on the torte, press on and adapt the sides. Melt dark chocolate coating in the water bath and spread on the marzipan surface. Decorate it just with your style, e.g. with roasted almond biscuits.

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