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Eden Reforestation Project

New trees in kenya to compensate CO2 emissions

We invented the electric light, made the animal our own, flew to the moon, industrialized and digitized the entire globe, and are now on the verge of even replacing our own species with artificial intelligences. But there is one thing we tend to forget. All of this would never have been possible if we had not had that long breath that pumps through our lungs as the elixir of life called oxygen. Should we ever lose this life-giving essence, then we would all run out of breath and any progress would vanish into thin air. 
That's why we want to get to the root of the CO2 problem and plant as many trees as possible with the help of our partner "Eden Reforestation Projects". Instead of just blowing empty words into the ether, we plant trees in Kenya to compensate CO2 emissions emerging from your order. Because we don't just want to stand for a healthy, plant-based lifestyle, we also want to ensure a better future for everyone. So that we can still breathe deeply tomorrow!

Plant trees. Save lives.

Eden Reforestation Projects' mission is to work with local communities worldwide to restore forests, create jobs, protect ecosystems and help to reduce the climate change. The focus is on relationships with local people to plant and sustain tens of millions of trees each month. This creates jobs that help them restore their local flora and economies for the long term. The national teams work in extremely remote areas, guiding these communities with perseverance and relentless determination through a range of challenges, from extreme weather and landslides to poachers, bandits and wildlife.

The Kenia Project

Located on the east coast of Africa, Kenya is a country known for its diverse wildlife and the wide range of forest types that have long been the livelihood of its people. In recent decades, however, these forests have experienced extreme environmental degradation. Human activities such as logging, charcoal burning, and illegal settlement to create farmland are major factors in deforestation. Over 90% of Kenya's land has already been deforested. This has led to an increase in severe droughts and extreme poverty. As a result, Kenya has committed to reforestation and is aiming for 10% forest cover, and Eden Reforestation Project is working closely with the government to meet these commitments. 
In late 2019, they began working with the local community, a local forestry foundation, and regional and national government institutions to establish the office, planting sites, and nurseries. Thanks to their relentless determination to plant trees in Kenya and protect the forest system despite a global pandemic, planting began in March 2020. In that first month, the staff planted more than 50,000 trees and continued since to increase their planting rate in the Kijabe Forest and along the North Coast.

Our Success

By rapidly scaling up the teams and tree planting operations, Eden Reforestation Project is now the largest and most efficient reforestation organization in Kenya. At several project sites across the country, they are restoring sustainable water supplies by protecting and replanting springs and rivers, restoring important wildlife habitats, stabilizing landslide-prone escarpments, and securing livelihoods. The number of trees, planted in Kenya crossed the mark of 50 million.

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