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Rounding Up

All Together For A Better Future

As Germany’s largest online shop for vegan groceries, we want to use our platform to make the world a little bit better. Sustainability, environmental protection and animal welfare are all values which are right at the heart of what we do. Many of our customers also want to do their bit for the planet, and the people and animals who live on it. That’s why we decided to introduce the concept of “rounding up” at velivery. Every time you make a purchase in our online shop, you can round your total up to the next euro when you get to the checkout. Each month, we collect these amounts and donate them to a selection of three amazing projects. You, the customer, can choose which of the following organizations you want your donation to go to: WWF, Doctors without Borders, or One Earth – One Ocean. And because we want to do our bit too, we round the total up each month – out of our own pocket.

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