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Now that’s a brand

A brand that’s been around forever. Only a few slogans and brand names have succeeded in securing a permanent place in the collective memory. Müller is one of them. In 1896, a certain Ludwig Müller founded a small village dairy in Aretsried, Bavaria. 100 years later, the name Müller is famous worldwide. And that’s not just down to the taste of the popular Müller products. The brand’s skilful media presence has proven equally important.

Desserts that move with the times

From the 1970s onwards, Müller repeatedly appeared with iconic advertising campaigns. Starting with Gerd Müller, Harald Juhnke, Franz Beckenbauer and the national team, Boris Becker, Larry Hagmann (better known as J.R. Ewing) and even Else Kling from Lindenstraße – they all appeared in Müller advertising. And they stood for a brand image that knew how to keep up with the times. This is something it continues to do to this day. These new Müller Vegan desserts have brought the village dairy of yesteryear into the future.

The future is vegan – even at Müller

The coconut-based vegan puddingsmousse and rice desserts benefit from the company’s longstanding experience – both in taste and awareness of plant-based nutrition. With this in mind, we didn’t hesitate to get on board and yes, even for flexitarians and vegans, Müller has it all, there’s no doubt about it!