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Enjoy a relaxing vacation with VeggieHotels & VeganWelcome

Vegan globetrotters have hit the jackpot!

Do you dream of a vacation which is not just relaxing, but also meets your ethical and culinary standards and expectations? Where every meal is a feast for the senses, and you never have to worry whether what you’re eating really is free from animal products?

Allow us to present VeggieHotels and VeganWelcome-Hotels – the platforms for all vegan travelers which will take care of all your wants and needs!

We’ve all been there…

The idea for VeggieHotels came about due to an all too familiar state of affairs: Travel journalists Thomas and Karen Klein and their colleague Peter Haunert were having difficulties finding accommodation that met their ethical standards. To fill this gap, they decided to create an oasis – a platform to help travelers find hotels worldwide with 100% plant-based menus. And so, VeggieHotels was born, quickly becoming the first port of call for vegan and vegetarian travel.

From idyllic B&Bs in Tuscany to luxurious resorts in Bali, VeggieHotels offers a huge range of accommodation – with each location standing out not only for its cuisine, but also for its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Each hotel on the platform is checked carefully to ensure that it meets the Kleins’ high standards, and has to earn their certificate. The regular contact they maintain with the management of the hotels is worth a lot in the long term, as it means standards can be kept consistently high. At the end of the day, when you’ve created the first certificate in the world for 100% vegan and vegetarian hotels, you have to set a good example…

A veggie welcome for all

But what if you’re traveling with someone who isn’t surfing the green wave quite yet? No problem at all! Thomas Klein and his team had you – and all fans of vegan food – in mind when they created VeganWelcome – a portal which lists accommodation where both vegan and non-vegan guests are welcome.

These hotels offer vegan options you can rely on, which allow everyone to indulge their palate without having to make compromises when it comes to meals. Especially good for families with just a few vegan members – you’re bound to find something for everyone! After all, being able to enjoy good food is a vital part of any relaxing vacation!

Vegan travel = fair travel?

All the information on VeganWelcome and VeggieHotels is accessible without a fee. The addresses and contact details of each hotel are always provided next to where the hotels are featured. The people running the hotels don’t even have to pay a commission to be featured on the platforms. The hotels and accommodations pay a reasonable yearly fee – and no more. It’s fair to say that this approach of not making profit the no. 1 aim is not necessarily the norm in the travel industry. This means that everyone is treated fairly: the hotels, the providers, and in turn, the guests.

Word of the site has got round – and not just in Germany. The VeggieHotels and VeganWelcome community from more than 195 countries are now part of the furniture of the international green travel world. In total, they have more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and other platforms. And the green wave of consciously plant-based nutrition and the demand for vegan vacations are bound to drive this trend forward even further. Why not ride the wave with us?

Win a luxury veggie holiday with Velivery

Good news for all fans of prize draws: VeganWelcome and Velivery have teamed up to offer you even more! As part of our cooperation, we’ve launched a really exciting competition. Take part to be in with a chance of winning a stay at one of the exclusive hotels – a perfect way to enjoy a vegan luxury holiday, don’t you think?

Thanks to the site’s visionary founders, who have been vegetarians all their lives, and to the steadily increasing popularity of plant-based nutrition, VeganWelcome and VeggieHotels have become real trend-setters in the hotel sector.

Not only do the platforms allow you to perform a simple search for the perfect vegetarian or vegan hotel – they also let you dive right into the world of plant-based dining: ideal for anyone wanting to stay true to their principles while on holiday – or just wanting to try out plant-based food.

So, get your suitcases packed and let VeggieHotels and VeganWelcome lead you to your next dream destination – whether that’s a yoga retreat in the mountains, or a beach holiday where you can sit and count stars in the night sky. Traveling has never been so delicious – or so worry-free!

You’ll find more inspiration and booking options at VeggieHotels and VeganWelcome. And don’t forget to take part in the Velivery prize draw – it could be your ticket to an unforgettable holiday!