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IT’S TIME FOR NEW HEROES – in everyday life and at the shops

Historically, hero life was downright arduous: real heroes recklessly pulled things off that most of us would never dream of. But Lazy Heroes have stepped up to focus on new, everyday heroes. They are likeable and downright cool. They do something that’s genuinely good, all the while enjoying life. With a smile, the brand’s creator, TV star Elyas M’Barek, says that’s exactly why he chose to anoint his new product line Lazy Heroes.

Today’s new heroes know that less is more, i.e. using and consuming less and squeezing less to-dos into their working day, focusing instead firmly on quality – both in products and their own work. Lazy Heroes know that sometimes it’s okay to be normal, and not superhuman all the time. That’s even though they make a difference – and every day at that.

Everyday heroes take a mindful approach to their food shop, keep sustainability in mind and know lots of little tricks, like how you can conjure up something healthy with just three or four ingredients, how you can plant trees while food shopping or reduce CO2 while eating. Lazy Heroes embrace work-life balance and don’t just talk about it. Satisfaction, a contribution to greater wellbeing and slowing down are the new buzzwords. It’s all about keeping it simple, taking time to enjoy things.

That’s where new products from Lazy Heroes and Elyas M’Barek come in.

Simple oat drinks for everyday

Elyas M’Barek thinks it’s time for new heroes on your shopping list! Ones that make your life as a superhero easier. The range features straightforward everyday products: delicious super-powered oat drinks you can enjoy while taking a break or relaxing. Let’s celebrate the everyday heroes whose superpower is making day-to-day life a little easier.

Like the Lazy Hero Barista. This oat barista drink froths up to perfection, whether hot or cold

Joining it is the Lazy Hero All-rounder. It has a neutral taste and is ideal for smoothies, cooking or baking – a genuine all-rounder.

Lazy, but ambitious

Both Lazy Heroes are 100% plant based, and 80% of the packaging is plant-based. A fact that might interest all our everyday heroes is that oat is the fastest growing plant-based ingredient in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. What’s more, your oat drink generates 80% less greenhouse gas emissions than 1 litre of cow’s milk. All that counts here is taste, animal welfare and sustainability!

Add this to the fact that lazy heroes are a source of calcium, with no added sugar, but vitamins B2, B12 and D, and you’re doing something good for yourself too. That’s the way new superheroes see it.

Elyas M’Barek is part of the gang

Elyas is the founder of the brand and a permanent fixture of the Lazy Heroes Gang. There’s no getting around his taste and sense of style. He stopped drinking cow’s milk a long time ago, so he’s on a mission to bring the best oat milk with the best foam to the market – so frothy, he won’t drink anything else in his espresso now.

In Lazy Heroes the TV star and crowd favourite combines his love of great food, sustainability, design and lifestyle – a delicious combo. Try it for yourself…