Plant-based diet: so much more than just fruits and vegetables!

The vegan diet has so much more to offer than fruit, vegetable salad, and tofu. One look at our range is enough to see that there is now a growing number of plant-based foods and vegan alternatives to products made from meat, fish, etc. This makes it increasingly easy and convenient to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet. We are constantly expanding our range with delicious new and innovative vegan foods. Whether they are made from legumes, nuts, grains, or other plant-based ingredients - at you have a wide selection. Our shop is structured like a conventional supermarket by categories. But if you want to search for products for a special occasion or get inspired, our shopping worlds are ideal for you. In addition to a theme-specific selection of plant-based products, you will also find, for example, suitable recipes for vegan dishes that you can cook for the respective occasion.