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Meet Jonas Osswald, aka johnnys.fitfood

Everyone’s talking about velivery, and news of our website is spreading very quickly among bloggers. We want to introduce you to as many people from the online world as possible – in the form of short profiles about what they do, and what motivates them. Today, we spoke to Jonas Osswald.

VELIVERY: How can we find you online? Where are you active? And what are the main themes you feature in your content?

Jonas: My name is Jonas Osswald, and you can find me on Instagram as johnnys.fitfood. As the name suggests, my channel is all about fitness and food.

Fitness meets soul food

VELIVERY: What phrase would you use to sum up what you do?

Jonas: “Fitness meets soul food”. This means that enjoying your food doesn’t have to be at odds with reaching your goals in terms of physical fitness and performance. Instead, it’s about being smart so that you provide your body with optimal levels of all the nutrients it needs, without having to make any compromises in terms of flavor, or go without your favorite foods.

VELIVERY: What topics are featured by your channel?

Jonas: My main aim is to show people how, as an active person, you can have a healthy, balanced and mainly plant-based diet on a daily basis without having to make a huge effort, while also promoting your physical fitness.

VELIVERY: Who are your followers? Who are you aiming to appeal to?

Jonas: My content is aimed at anyone who wants their diet to be delicious, healthy, protein-rich and mainly plant-based, while not having to spend hours in the kitchen or having to drastically restrict their diet.

Relaxing with “Food Yoga”

VELIVERY: What role does food play in your content in general? And what role does it play in your life?

Jonas: To me, food means love! After all, the phrase “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach” exists for a reason. I would certainly say that alongside sport, food is my greatest passion.

I simply love cooking – it’s fun and it relaxes me. To me, it’s almost like “food yoga”. I also love tinkering with new recipes that are simple and relatively easy to cook, while providing the body with the nutrients it needs. And I love eating delicious food. That includes eating large quantities sometimes 😉 And I love being able to add value to people’s lives with my recipes.

VELIVERY: And what role does vegan food play in your life?

Jonas: Vegan nutrition is becoming increasingly important to me. While I’ve been mindful of what I eat for several years and have been taking care not to eat all too many animal products for a while now, the turning point was a year and a half ago when I met my girlfriend Katja, who’s a strict vegan. Since then, vegan food has become much more important for my everyday life. The recipes we tinker with and share with our community are now almost exclusively delicious vegan recipes.

A mindful lifestyle, and some favorite dishes

VELIVERY: Do you consider veganism to be part of a certain lifestyle?

Jonas: I wouldn’t say that veganism has to be a lifestyle. I’d say that I’m probably the best living proof that it really is possible just to integrate parts of veganism into your lifestyle without going straight to “extremes”. In general, though, I am certainly of the opinion that people who follow a vegan diet do often also have a more (health-)conscious lifestyle, and care about sustainability etc.

VELIVERY: What is your experience of Velivery?

Jonas: I’m a great fan of velivery and love to order from your website! The huge range of choice in your shop leaves nothing to be desired, and I especially like the wide selection of own brand products from Vantastic Foods.

VELIVERY: Which is your favorite Vantastic Foods product?

Jonas: The vegan Chunks Chicken Style. They’re really versatile – you can use them for anything from a curry to a wrap. You can fry them until they’re really crispy, but they don’t get too dry. And as well as tasting delicious, they have a great nutritional score.

VELIVERY: What’s your favorite vegan dish or recipe?

Jonas: What I love the most are all types of curries. They can be made in so many versatile ways: Indian or Asian, with pulses, tofu, meat alternatives, or simply with loads of vegetables. What’s more, they’re usually quick and easy to prepare, as well as being healthy and they ALWAYS taste delicious. If I had to choose one dish to eat for the rest of my life, it would be red Thai curry with tofu and rice 🙂

Get fit – and help the environment with no extra effort

VELIVERY: A lot of our customers are passionate about all aspects of sustainability, such as animal welfare. What significance do these aspects have for you?

Jonas: I would certainly say that I am very mindful of my lifestyle, and try to do my bit for sustainability as part of my everyday life. For example, I try not to make too many trips by car and to walk to nearby places if I can, and when I go shopping I do my best to use as few plastic bags as possible – or none at all. My biggest reason for choosing a mainly vegan diet is my health. I just feel better, fitter, and my performance has improved. Of course, the fact that I can contribute to animal welfare and our environment at the same time is an important positive side effect of this.

So much more than just limp lettuce leaves

VELIVERY: If you could give people one message, what would it be?

Jonas: Vegan food is about so much more than limp lettuce or bland vegetables. There are so many great plant-based alternatives out there – such as substitutes for meat, fish and sausages. And there are so many creative, sophisticated ways of turning popular non-vegan recipes into plant-based versions which are sometimes even tastier than the original.

That’s why I say: just get stuck in, try things out and enjoy experimenting! You’ll soon notice that vegan food by no means has to be monotonous or boring.

VELIVERY: Thank you, Jonas! We look forward to discovering plenty of new things at johnnys.fitfood