Vegan Alternative To Tuna Avocado Salad


6-8 tomatoes, palm-sized
180g vegan altertnative to tuna
½ avocado
1 onion
1 handful of radishes
1 tbsp sweet mustard
1 tbsp vegan alternative to mayonnaise
¼ bunch of dill
black pepper, freshly ground


  1. Wash the tomatoes thoroughly and cut off the upper part, carefully remove the pulp with a melon baller and set pulp and hollowed tomatoes aside.

  2. Tear the vegan alternative to tuna to little pieces by using a fork. Carefully pit and loosen avocado pulp from the peel and chop finely. Peel onion and chop very finely. Wash radishes and dice finely.

  3. Add the vegan tuna,chopped onions, sweet mustard, vegan alternative to mayonnaise and fresh chopped dill to a bowl and mix thoroughly. Put the tomato pulp in a colander to drain briefly, dice into small cubes and add to the remaining ingredients. Gently mix in the radishes and diced avocado, season with salt and freshly ground pepper.

  4. Serve vegan alternative to tuna avocado salad in the hollowed tomatoes.

Our tip: Serve an unforgettable New Years Eve buffet with tuna avocado salad and small appetisers like home-made spreads, topped with savory vegan alternative to carpacchio!

Servings: 4 

A recipe by Sophie Mathisz

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