Tofu and rice bowl with Korean cucumber salad and tahini sauce


For the tofu:

400g silken tofu

1 tbsp sesame oil

¼ tsp chilli powder

1 tbsp agave syrup

2 tbsp cornstarch


As toppings:

1 small red onion

2 radishes

1 avocado

3 tbsp chickpeas


As a side dish:

300g jasmine rice


For the Korean cucumber salad:

2 mini cucumbers

1 pinch salt

10g ginger, grated

1 clove of garlic, grated

1 tbsp lime juice

2 pinches chilli flakes

1 tsp Wonig (vegan alternative to honey)

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 tbsp sesame



For the tahini sauce:

2 tbsp tahini, white

2 tbsp vegan alternative to yogurt

1 tsp sesame

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp rice vinegar

Sriracha, if desired

Juice of half a lemon


1. Cook the rice according to the instructions on the packet. Cut the tofu into bite-sized pieces.

2. Mix together the ingredients for the marinade, and marinate the tofu in it for at least 30 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, wash the cucumbers for the Korean cucumber salad and chop off the ends. Place the cucumbers between two chopsticks and chop thinly. The chopsticks prevent the cucumbers from being cut all the way through. Now turn the cucumber 180 degrees and cut again, diagonally from how you cut before. These creates a concertina effect.

4. Now mix the cucumbers with a pinch of salt in a bowl, and leave to infuse for 10 minutes.

5. Mix all the other ingredients to make a dressing, and add to the cucumbers.

6. Mix together all the ingredients for the tahini sauce in a bowl, then set aside.

7. Wash the topping ingredients and, depending on your preference, chop them into bite-sized pieces and slices.

8. Heat a pan and fry the tofu until crispy on all sides.

9. Now that all the components are prepared, you can fill your lunchboxes. The rice forms the basis. Next comes the Korean cucumber salad, then come the toppings and the tofu.

10. Drizzle the tahini sauce over the ingredients just before you eat.

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