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LotusGrill LOTUS BARBECUE S (G2280) anthracite gray
LotusGrill LOTUS BARBECUE S (G2280) anthracite gray
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lotus barbecue s (g2280) anthracite gray

Innovative charcoal grill Economical & low smoke Diameter grill grate: approx. 26 cm Weight: 2,8 kg

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Almost smoke-free, wonderfully economical and particularly efficient grilling - with the LotusGrill S G280

Since the discovery of fire, plenty of time has passed into the country! The fact that we still like to grill outside and even more over glowing coals, has nevertheless hardly changed. But smoky, smelly and dirty it no longer has to be - modern technology makes it possible!

The innovative LotusGrill combines the culinary benefits of a charcoal grill with sophisticated technology that takes the grilling experience to a new level. With the LotusGrill, barbecuing becomes a straightforward endeavor, making meals something you'll never want to cook on anything else.

The LotusGrill is fired up in minutes, runs almost smoke-free, and nonetheless provides the characteristic charcoal barbecue flavor you want. It's easy to handle in every way, clean and safe - and both the actual grilling and the subsequent cleaning become a breeze.

At the same time, you save coal both literally and figuratively. Because the LotusGrill requires significantly less fuel than a classic charcoal grill. This not only saves your wallet, but also the environment.

In just a few minutes to the grill pleasure thanks to modern cooking technology

The operation of the LotusGrill is basically the same as all charcoal grills - but in an optimized form. The grill container of the LotusGrill is designed so that you can safely touch its shell even when the grill is in operation. As a result, it can also be placed on the table and grilled on it without any problems, because the outer container does not get hot. So the grill masters and grill mistresses can linger with at the table and do not have to take care of the grill food away from the company.

An optional USB cable connected to the power or battery-powered fan ensures that the barbecue charcoal inside is sufficiently ventilated. This is filled into a special container, which is protected from dripping fat by a plate. This significantly reduces the amount of smoke produced during grilling.

The kindling itself is so fast with the help of the appropriate fuel paste that you can start barbecuing after just a few minutes. Depending on which charcoal you use, it can be grilled with a filled coal container then about 40 to 90 minutes.

Afterwards, you can simply put the grill container and the stainless steel grate in the dishwasher.

Get the LotusGrill especially for travel and leisure in our online store

You can order the Lotusgrill S G280 from us in three different snazzy colors: Anthracite gray, fire red and lime green. This particularly compact and lightweight model is just ideal to take along on vacation, on trips, hikes or for spontaneous grilling at home in your own garden. It is table grill, travel and camping grill in one!

Spare parts for your LotusGrill S as well as practical accessories such as a matching pizza stone made of cordierite stone, a travel hood made of stainless steel or a glass hood with integrated thermometer can also be ordered online from us. A high-quality and optimized for the device beech charcoal and many other products from LotusGrill you will also find in our store.

  • LotusGrill - for uncomplicated and low-smoke barbecue pleasure
  • Wood charcoal grill with integrated battery-powered fan
  • Not only for barbecue experts: the LotusGrill is easy to handle
  • Can be supplemented with numerous accessories

Article number: A007782



COLOR: Anthracite gray

MATERIAL: Powder-coated steel; stainless steel grill grate, inner pan, charcoal tray and locking buckles.

Ø top approx. 292 mm
Ø blow approx. 220 mm
Ø Barbecue grate approx. 258 mm
Height approx. 210 mm

WEIGHT: 2,8kg

Scope of delivery:
Transport carry bag
4xMignon Batteries
USB power cable

WARNING: Do not use indoors.

LotusGrill GmbH , Rheingönheimer Weg 3-5, 67117 Limburgerhof , DE

EAN: 4260023010721

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