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vEGGs Omelette, 180g
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omelette, 180g

Vegan egg alternative Powder to mix With pea & chickpea flour Ideal for scrambled eggs & omelettes

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vEGGs Omelette: delicious vegan egg alternative to mix with plant-based ingredients

There are all kinds of recipes that vegans have to cross off their menu because they can only be made with eggs, right? No way! The vegan egg alternative from vEGGs provides a remedy. With the plant-based powder for mixing, you can easily prepare vegan alternatives to all kinds of egg dishes - vegan omelettes, waffles, vegan scrambled eggs, quiches, pancakes and much more. Because the vegan egg alternative from vEGGs not only tastes really good, you can also use it in cooking and baking in the same way as normal egg.

The vegan powder is made from plant-based ingredients such as pea and chickpea flour and can simply be mixed with water and a little vegetable oil. With only 12 grams of the powder, you can make a vegetable alternative for about one hen's egg.

Great taste, easy to use: the vegan alternative to egg from vEGGs

You'll go a long way with this: 180 g of the vegetable powder are contained in a pack of vEGGs Omelette. You can easily order the vegan egg alternative in our online shop. The powder doesn't need to be refrigerated - which also scores points in terms of shelf life. No question: It's definitely always a good thing to have a pack of vEGGs Omelette in your larder or cupboard.

You've now found a delicious plant-based substitute for your breakfast omelette or scrambled eggs. If you're looking for more delicious ideas for your vegan breakfast, how about Vivera's vegan bacon alternative, Friendly Viking's natural O'Gurt or Vantastic foods' Schakalode on bread - our vegan alternative to a chocolate spread? Let our diverse range of vegan treats inspire and excite you!

  • Vegetable powder for making a vegan alternative to hen's egg
  • Suitable for cooking and baking - also for the preparation of vegan omelettes & co.
  • Made from vegetable ingredients such as pea and chickpea
  • Can be kept unrefrigerated

Article number: A007961



INGREDIENTS: Pea flour, pea protein concentrate, chickpea flour, vegetable fibers, yeast extract, Himalayan black salt, natural thickeners: guar gum, xanthan gum; natural colorant: vegetable carotenoids; natural flavor.

PREPARATION: For one egg: mix each 12g of powder with 2 1/2 tablespoons of water and half a teaspoon of cooking oil.

CULTURED FOODS , Raszyńska 22 B, 05-500 Piaseczno , PL

Energy 1438kJ/ 341kcal
Fat 2,9g
of which saturated 0,5g
Carbohydrates 46g
of which sugar 2,0g
Protein 24g
Salt 2,3g

EAN: 5907222657423

Undesirable ingredients

These are not actively added ingredients. Please also note the trace information for allergy sufferers in the text.
Customer evaluation for "vEGGs Omelette, 180g"
13 May 2022

Geschmack EIgenartig

angerührt sieht die mixtur aus wie ein ganzes ei in flüssig form und man kann damit rührei herstellen dass vlt von weitem so aussieht wie rührei, jedoch ist der EIgengeschmack abartig und nicht mal ansatzwEIse nahe an einem Hühnerei. Außerdem hat die Mixtur einen ekelerregenden Gestank

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