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Basic Products

There are things that no kitchen can go without. In this category you can stock up on all the necessary basics. In addition to standard ingredients such as flour, oil or seasonings, you'll also find products especially needed for vegan backing and cooking, such as tofu, egg-replacements or vegan alternatives to gelatin.

Vantastic foods Seitan Fix, 250g
(€7.96 / 1 kg)


Here you can find everything you can put on your bread! From fruity jams, sweet cocoa and nut creams to peanut butter and savory vegetable spreads, horseradish and hummus. Our huge selection of vegan spreads will make every slice of bread a special and delicious experience.

Sausage & Cold Cut Alternatives

Discover heavenly delicious vegan sausages and cold cuts - only the sky is the limit! Whether it is vegan cold cuts or vegan sausages for frying, grilling or broiling: In this category you will find numerous alternatives to conventional sausage; as a snack, for bread, for grilling or cooking. Get inspired by the variety of our vegan sausage alternatives.

Hobelz Veggie World Cold Cuts Like Salami Style, 100g
Hobelz Veggie World Vegan Hot Dogs Classic, 200g
(€12.95 / 1 kg)

Meat Alternatives

Whether it is soy meat, seitan burgers, vegan mince or delicious vegan nuggets - our online store offers you a huge selection of vegan meat alternatives for grilling, frying and cooking. We have a delicious vegan alternative for every taste and every occasion in our product! 

Vantastic foods Schnitzel, 200g
(€14.95 / 1 kg)

Cheese Alternatives

We have it all - slices, shredded, as topping or spreads! This category offers you vegan cheese alternatives for every occasion, their variety will fulfill all your wishes! Whether you're looking for a vegan cheese alternative to top casseroles, sprinkle on pasta dishes, or simply as a topping for bread, you'll find it here.