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Unbelievably delicious - The best products from bedda

bedda Come On Bert, 125g
(€27.92 / 1 kg)

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Vegan alternatives to cheese

bedda TV commercial

The vegan food market is growing dynamically and so is the market for delicious cheese alternatives. Bedda offers a sensational indulgent experience, which they are celebrating with you in their new tv commercial. 


Vegan alternative to grated cheese and cheese spread

Incredibly delicious - our products

Finally, you can enjoy without any worries! Our offer ranges from cheese alternatives and delicatessen salads to spreads and desserts. Always plant-based, always free of soy, palm oil, flavor enhancers, gluten, and, above all, without animal products. And always delicious!

Our phylosophy

At bedda, we want to make this world a little better and we do it every day, step by step. We believe we can do that with our animal-free products and work with heart and enthusiasm to create a balanced, innovative, and delicious alternative. Whether you want to enjoy our cheese alternatives, have a crush on deli salads, or you want to spice up your recipe with our vegan alternative to mayo, we'll support you in your decision to eat animal-free. You don't have to miss out on anything. Because at bedda, we say, make a bedda world. 

Our guarantee: bedda always guarantees you the greatest care with all products. We will never stop putting less than our highest standards into the development of our food. For example, we use high-quality plant protein instead of animal protein. We deliberately avoid soy as it is a strong allergen. Instead, you'll find coconut oil in our slices or almond in our spreads and rolls. bedda is guaranteed to always be free of animal traces and full of quality and taste!

Our composition meets the highest nutritional requirements. Because with the addition of calcium and vitamin b12, we make sure that you can enjoy and take in these important nutrients in a delicious form. Gluten and flavor enhancers have nothing to do with us - why should they? We are also delicious 'without' them!

We put all our strength, inspiration, and heart into our products to make the world a little bedda. 

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bedda Come On Bert, 125g
(€27.92 / 1 kg)
bedda Block Classic, 200g
(€19.45 / 1 kg)